About the Project

Project subject: “Development of Effective Models for Cultural Tourism in Montana, Vidin and Dolj Regions”

Lead Partner: Regional Development Agency and Business Centre 2000”, Bulgaria

Partners: Romanian association for technology transfer and innovation – Arott, Romania and Regional development agency and business centre – Vidin, Bulgaria.

Project Objectives:

General objective: Strengthen the economic development of the tourism branch in the cross border region of Montana, Vidin and Dolj.

Specific objectives:

♦ Stimulate the tourism activity in the neighboring region of Montana, Vidin and Dolj

♦ To develop and introduce innovative model in the tourism branch which will promote the cultural heritage in the cross border region

♦ To encourage and strengthen sustainable partnership among the key stakeholders in the tourist branch in the target region.

Project Activities:

♦ Project preparation

♦ Project management and administration

♦ Development of resource package “Cultural tourism” for Montana, Vidin and Dolj

♦ Establishment of information tourist offices

♦ Training “Cultural Tourism”

♦ Development of tourist service package

♦ Organisation of specialized tourist exhibition and establishment of cross-border network

♦ Information and publicity

Project Results:

♦ 30 organizations, operating in the tourism branch had access to training

♦ Two information centers operational;

♦ Raised popularity of Montana, Vidin and Dolj regions as cultural service destination via:

• Resource package “Cultural tourism” successfully introduced through information centers and public initiatives

• Tourist service package developed and introduced to wider public

• Contacts among business, NGOs, and public institutions strengthened

Target Groups:

♦ 30 SMEs, operating in the tourism branch: 20 from Bulgaria, 10 from Roumania

♦ 7 museums from both countries

♦ 10 NGOs working in the area of tourism and cultural heritage