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Cultural tourism

Cultural tourism is an art, a touch to the soul, awakening the interest and respect to the parables of history enveloped in mystery and full of sobering truths.

Natural and geographical conditions and the historical heritage of Montana region allow the development of various types of specialized tourism - ecotourism, skiing, cultural, rural, hunting and fishing, spa tourism etc.

Vidin region is an area that possesses natural, historical and cultural resources. Diversity of natural phenomena, reserve "Chuprene", well organized museums and of the wealth of cultural heritage monuments are a prerequisite and basis for the development of domestic and international tourism, especially in the environmental, rural and cultural tourism.

Dolj district has potential for development of various tourism activities, including mountain climbing, caving and spa tourism, ecotourism, parks and religious tourism. Rural areas offer genuine hospitality, unspoiled nature, quality wines, specific for the area cuisine and old folk traditions, inherent in Oltenia.