Community center “Petar Bogdan”, Chiprovtsi

Community center “Petar Bogdan” – town of Chiprovtsi was founded in 1909. It was established a studious company under the name “Probuda”, which carries it up to 1984. After that it was officially renamed to “Petar Bogdan” – born in Chiprovtsi b, a prominent Bulgarian historian and politician from the 18th c.

During the years the community center had housed in different buildings. In 1968 a new, modern building was built in Chiprovtsi, which became the House of the Miner, and its branch is the Community center. Since 1990 the building is IOC Chiprovtsi, and since 2005 it was given to Chiprovtsi municipality. Established 96 ago, the community center in Chiprovtsi is a spiritual symbol of a new reality. Full-blooded life is boiling in its halls. Permanent operational are the female folklore group, a group for old songs “White acacia“, youth dance group and a group for rituals. Under the competent guidance of the art managers, with the masterful participation of the accompanists and the hard work of all amateurs continuously is improving and enriching the repertoire, diversifying the activity and excellent results are achieved in all reviews, singing competitions, festivals, competitions and others. Participation of the teams in various events at the local, regional, national level and abroad – such as reviews of the Old Town Songs - Montana, Vratsa, Bulgaria, Petrich, "Stara Planina Fest" – Veliko Tarnovo, participation in festivals in many towns and villages; participation in Koprivshtitza, Sofia - National Palace of Culture, "Universiada" hall, "Tears and Laughter" Theatre, outside the country in Romania - Banat region, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine and Macedonia; they also participated in many charity concerts. All these events brought to the teams from the community center many diplomas, recommendations, recordings for television and radio. Also are functioning and various circle forms, workshop for authentic folklore through which are, examined and stored local legends, tales, customs, songs and traditions of the region. Investigation and research works of the community center contributes not only to search and storage of folklore, customs and traditions, but for the resumption of the customs /Mladentsi, (the beginning of the Lent) – town wide winter celebration, involving the whole population, St. Lazarus, St. Yoan’s and St, Jordan’s days, Christmas Eve and Christmas and others/. Customs to stop the rain and hail, and the "Peperuga" - rituals for rain, developed and exposed to an audience by the amateurs are accepted with great interest not only on the local scene, but in many other cities also. Work on dialect words is also carried out. Century-old and still maintained by the community center is the reading tradition on holidays to play the brass music in the center of the town for universal rejoicing. Under the direction of music teacher in the community center functions piano and singing schools.

Library as an integral part of the community center disposes of 25 501 volumes of literature. There are two loan rooms – for adults and for children, where various events are held in direction work with the book and the readers, such as commemorating of anniversaries of poets and writers, musicians, artists and others, promotion of new author’s books. The work with the children and students is performed year-round. Through a project developed and defended to the "Open Society" Fund, the library enriched its fund of reference literature. Community center "Petar Bogdan" has realized the project "Let there be after us even" within the Project "Libraries" and in 2001 to the National Fund "Culture" - "Torlatsi We are, heroes we are“. Successful implementation of the first folk festival sponsored by the National Fund "Culture" and the subsequent two festivals then, show great interest on behalf of the participants, guests, media, scientists and torlatsi on both sides of Stara Planina - Serbia and Bulgaria. In 2006 the library in partnership with the municipality Chiprovtzi and Center for work with children - Chiprovtsi realized the project "Song of the mountain and the story of Ogosta" under the "Public Forum" Programme that includes folk festival, a concert in the "Monastery" area and folklore expedition. In 2007 the library implemented two more projects within the Ministry of Culture, which greatly assisted the work of the project team and the activity of the people to preserve the traditions and enrich the cultural life.

„Petar Bogdan” Community center is entered into the register of the NGOs in 1997. The objective of the organization is: to meet the needs of the town’s people related to: development and expanding of the cultural life, preserving the customs and traditions of Bulgarian people; extending the knowledge of the people and their adherence to the values and achievements of science, art and culture; education and affirmation of national identity; creation for conditions for the development and expression of the creative abilities of the younger generations; rising of culture of work, life and relations between people; education in the spirit of democracy, patriotism and universal morality.


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