Natural section of the museum "Oltenia", Craiova

The Natural History Museum of Craiova was founded in 1923 under the name "Museum of the nature and history of Craiova". Five years later / in 1928 / it became a section of the Regional Museum Oltenia. The Natural section during their period of operation was housed in different buildings with or without showrooms. In the period 1975-1986, because of the lack of adequate space, the museum was not working. On 03.13.1986, the museum reopened on the first floor of the building on "Popa Shaptsa" 8 street, where he is today. Initially there are two permanent exhibitions - "Butterflies - Flying Petals" and "For the life of animals".

For visitors who want to get acquainted with the beauty of nature, with which Oltenia is endowed, the exhibition provides information through two interactive systems that represent the protected areas, tourist attractions and sites in the country. Perhaps the most interesting part is a grotto with two entrances for visitors. The cave was built for scientific purposes and visitors can get acquainted there with the variety of different types of cave formations: stalactites, stalagmites, screw domes and others. Moreover the cave is equipped with sound installation, which reproduces the sound from dropping water and the flight of bats. In the future, the department will organize palaeontological exhibition entitled "Oltenia Terra fossilis", and a planetarium will be built.


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