Monastery Zhitiyanu, Branishte, Podari, Dolj district

Religion: Christian - Orthodox

Temple: Holy Great Martyr Demetrius, St. Elias the Prophet

Location: DN56 E79, Podari (5 km.), after the bridge over the Jiu river, turn to the right, towards the monastery.

Jitianu monastery is inhabited by monks and was built between 1654 -1658 (on the ruins of an ancient temple built by Mircea Stari) at the insistence of the treasurers GineaBratashanu and Udriste. It was built in honor of Mrs. Balsa, wife of Prince Constantin Basarab Carnu. It is the second stone church in the village of Craiova.

It was completed in 1701 by the Abbot Popa Leka of Mount Athos and Petru Obedyanu. All cells were painted in 1731. The church was rebuilt many times in 1812 by Archimandrite Dorotheos Krayovyan, in 1856, and in 1932. After 1939 the monastery was inhabited by nuns. The existing cells used as workshops for weaving, sewing and carpet weaving are their work. At this moment, the monastery has a collection of icons painted on wood and glass, dating from the time of Alexander Ioan Cuza. The monastery was declared a historic monument.